Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time flies when you're busy

It's hard to believe that June is almost half over. The first three months we were here time crawled like a sloth, but these last two months are flying by and I've got more to do than I've got time...

It was a tough day yesterday, I was out in Ext. 11 doing follow-ups on cases. At one house, the child we've been working with had passed away two weeks ago, he was only 7. His death certificate said he died of TB, which too often also means the child was HIV+. Then at the next house we visited, we're doing the assessment for foster care placement of an HIV+ baby and we're talking about the need for the foster mother to look after the health needs of the child; when the 14 year old niece in the room broke down crying--she had been raped on her way home from school a year ago, she had found out recently she was now positive. In this place, the pain is overwhelming at times. It was a nice sunny day, warm after a cold spell. The kids were all walking home from school with big smiles on their faces, no hint of sadness. My heart was so heavy. You can't help but speak continual prayers for healing of hearts and bodies.

On a lighter note, Glenn has started to read fiction. He read the book 'Q&A' (basis for the movie Slumdog Millionaire) and he liked it. This is a big deal, he's been a devoted non-fiction reader for way too long.

Right now we're getting some much needed R&R at a coffee shop, looking out on a cricket field, the sun is shining.

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Anonymous said...

Oof. Press on.

And on the lighter note, just don't try to get Glenn to read Anna Karenina or he'll probably return to his non-fiction ways forever. ;)

Hey you guys need any books or anything that we can mail?