Saturday, June 27, 2009

Did we say it gets cold here?

There is ice in our bird bath! Where am I? The whole lack of insulation or central heating is making things a little tricky. At night we just sit around wrapped up in blankets, it gets hard to read because your hands get cold holding the book. But the sun is always our salvation, the African sun is so hot even in winter. This shouldn't last very long, maybe one month, but I can't wait for summer.

So, we've officially tried S. African Biltong. Glenn prefers the type that tastes more like "jerky" as the original Biltong tastes more like raw meat. I like the fatty stuff. It's meat hung to dry w/ spices and it's craved here with beer while watching rugby.

I saw this man riding his old bike, he was old too, he had an African Grey Parrot on his shoulder while he road down the busy street.

We're plugging away at our work. I've been extra busy giving out blankets, warm clothes, and food parcels. I'm learning about the issue of trafficking in child prostitutes for the World Cup. The Dept. of Education has decided to have a school holiday while the Cup is going on--three weeks! News is already coming out of foreign children being found within S.A. who were trafficked in for the purposes of prostitution. The organization I work with, Childline, is very involved in raising awareness and preventing all kinds of child abuse throughout South Africa; it'll be interesting to see if any major awareness campaign will be able to catch on. The Cup is still 11 months away...

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Amanda Peterson said...

I feel ya on the cold part. thank goodness for long underwear and thick socks! keep me treated on the trafficing issue. its an issue that my org wants to be more involved with.