Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We do Solemnly Swear

We made it to our destination in Potchefstroom on Wednesday April 2nd. That same day earlier is when we were sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteers. It is now the 8th of April and we have each been working with our organizations. Since we arrived we have been settling in our new place. The place where we stay is nice. Our neighbors are friendly and have been helpful in our settling in process. We purchased a fridge on Friday and did not get it till late the following Monday evening. *we will not purchase from that place again (too many broken promises). Our place is bigger than we anticipated. As we think of the PC, we had imagined that we’d be living in a rural area where the cows roam freely and our abode might not have electricity or running water. We enjoy where we are living and the people/organizations that we work with. Our work has the opportunity to keep us busy, Amy especially.
Out of 25 PC trainees that endured training, the full 25 were sworn in as volunteers. This is the first time in the SA/PC history that this has occurred.
We have loads of pictures to upload – so be on the lookout soon for them, perhaps by this weekend.

More to come soon… Glenn


Kerry said...

Good to hear from you guys and really glad that things are going well besides the fridge stuff. Hope you two had a happy Easter.

Kali said...

Hey Glenn! Nice to hear from you. I didn't know I would get so much. I'm here with my new case worker Kali. I'm still working on getting a house/condo. We don't have your e-mail address. Could you send it. Mine is
-Ben Pyle

Hey Glenn! Glad to hear you guys are living posh! Who would of thought! Sounds like an amazing vacation! If you have time you should go up to Tanzania and go on a safari...I was there last summer and it was amazing!
Have fun!