Monday, January 26, 2009

finding rest prior to the flight

amy and i have settled into Lawrence, KS one week before we leave for S. Africa.  we're thankful that moving is over and that resting is the priority after a long week of feeling under the weather.  we're spending time at amy's parents home.  it's been wonderful to be at ease while our minds and souls can absorb the momentous occasion that will be occurring very soon.  we've been updated on our expected schedule.  
Phase 1 will include our Community-based training from Feb. 09' - April 02, '09.  Phase 2 will be the first three months at our permanent site.  we'll be given assignments that will help us explore our community and assess technical aspects of our work.  Phase 3 in July '09, we'll be brought back together again for 1 week to review what we've learned and engage in additional training.  After a successful completion of Phase 1 we will be sworn in as official PC volunteers on April 02, 2009.  
it's likely that we will not have much access to the internet to post new entries during our first few months.  we will do our best to post as much as we can.  we're glad you're able to stay in touch w/ us through this way.  


Matti said...

We're excited for you guys!

rachel said...

hey! we want an update!

Laura said...

So we are in the same county, and you are 2-10 hours away from me. I hope that everything is going fantastic! Can't wait to hear about your perspective on South Africa.